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Here is what some of the clients have had to say about the service

"I contacted Lucille at the beginning of the year to help me get back on form following surgery in 2016. Her help and advice have been great. I'm much more aware of how what I eat effects me and how making small changes to my diet impact on my energy, aches and pains. I've no hesitation in recommending Lucille."





"I was suffering with low energy levels, weight gain and my mood was also quite low.  After my initial consultation with Lucille she advised me to go to my GP as she suspected i may have a thyroid problem.  I did this and my results showed it was lower than the normal range.  Lucille then advised me on what foods to eat and what to avoid and also worked out a supplement plan to give me a much needed boost.  Lucille also gave me recipe ideas and easy ways to incorporate these foods into my diet.  I followed the advice and began to see improvements.  my energy levels have now returned fully, and the weight is now coming off easily.  I also had some re-tests done for my thyroid and these have come back in the normal range."


"I can't thank Lucille enough, she is competent and confident in her knowledge and her advice on nutrition and lifestyle have made such a difference to my life."


"Everything was explained in simple terms and the contact beween consultations kept me going. Thanks Lucille!!"





"I have enjoyed our discussions on the scientific consequences of what I eat - it has opened my mind to what will happen if I don't look after myself more. Losing weight has been amazing - slowly by surely, but I have not considered myself on a diet, so I expect this to continue."


"As a result of our consultations my sleep has been so much better - I rarely have a night when I wake up in the night.  I would say I now sleep through the night 95% of the time.  This was not one of my concerns but Lucille has shown me how things may be a result of better blood sugar levels. Having more sleep has made me feel so much better."




"I found the detailed information I received from Lucille on how each food and nutrient can contribute to the way I feel i.e. what I should and shouldn't eat to helo with my drowsiness and depression and the recipe and meal plan suggestions very helpful and educational.  As a result my diet has changed completely- I eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and have increased my protein at every meal.  I have cut down dramatically on sugary snacks.  I have introduced healthy new foods into my diet such as flaxseeds and lentils.  Evidence of all this is to compare my Tesco food shop before the programme and now."




"Lucille has helped me to overcome my daily struggle with food allergies and love of caffeine.  Lucille has a great knowledge, understanding and experience of how nutritious food and regular exercise can imporove one's life.  I found her to be very kind, helpful and understanding and extremely easy to talk to."


"Not only did Lucille explain in great detail about the effects of eating healthy food vs unhealthy food, she also used deailed diagrams and videos to help me."


"Thank you for helping me change my life!"



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