About Me

I first became interested in nutrition when I sought help 16 years ago from a health professional for my IBS symptoms; a problem which started in my teens and would keep rearing its head.  I was amazed at how by changing a few things in my diet I was able to manage my IBS symptoms.  I started buying all the books I could find and eating to improve my health became a passion and I realised I wanted to help others to feel better and improve their health as I had done.  I was able to follow my passion once I moved to the UK from South Africa and started studying Nutrition.


I have drawn on my knowledge and experience to support and improve my own health during periods of high stress and ill health and am now in a position to offer the same to my clients and to inspire them to achieve wellness.


Like many of you out there, we all lead busy lives and don’t always feel we have time to plan and cook nourishing meals which is the key to feeling healthy and vibrant. Although I may recommend supplements in my clinic I am a huge advocate on eating plenty of fresh, homemade meals and will find ways, with my clients, to help them with recipes, ideas and tips on how to achieve this. My aim would be to help them to ditch processed and fast foods and fall back in love with clean, healthy food.

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